Team feedback to help your team be great!

A safe environment to be honest about what's happening at work -

so it can be better for everyone.

Engage your team to build high performance.


A pocket-sized team feedback tool that packs a punch and gets results!

Quick and easy to use.

Enables your team to 

login at any time and place - and easily pick up where they left off.


Your team story jumping

off the page - reveal the potential.

​Get your results straight away*!
*(well as soon as everyone's finished)

Re-run as your team dynamics change throughout the year.

Team feedback
on the go!

The pace of our work lives is pretty hectic these days and most of us haven't got time to sit around and wait for results.

With TEAM dnamix at your fingertips you can get to the heart of the matter...all in a day's work!

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TEAM dnamix helps create high performing teams

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We believe that everyone deserves great days at work and we're all more likely to have a great day when we've got a key role to play.

It all starts with an open, honest, conversation about what life's really like in your team.

Whatever stage of team development you think you're at, whether you're already excelling, or if you know you're not...there's always something to discover.

Results that make a teamwork

TEAM dnamix explores the levels of collaboration, support and attitudes at play within your team and unlocks the team's potential. 

You get easy to understand results and powerful, easy to implement actions.

Making everyones' working lives easier and more productive.

Understanding your team dynamics 

What is it that gets the best out of your team? Or is there an underlying issue you can't quite put your finger on?

No matter the reason TEAM dnamix can help you identify your team strengths, and show you were there's more potential.

Manager & Trainers workshops

Standing out from the crowd and making an impact in leading your team can at times be challenging.

Get the tools to excel and shape what success looks like for you and your team - to deliver the results you want.

stronger together

We're looking for like-minded organisations to Partner with us. If you're interested in working with us, we'd love to hear from you.