Stepping Up - New Managers (and Rising Talent) development programme


The Stepping Up - New Managers programme has been tailor made to equip recently appointed managers or those preparing for their first managerial position.  It reflects current practice in leadership and allows delegates to develop and expand their understanding and application of leadership skills in the workplace.


Set over six, one day sessions at an AFM member location, the course focuses on self-awareness and the responses to a range of work based scenarios, and the effect this has on the decision-making processes.  Practical application of sound management theories is the key to ensuring that participants are equipped with the 'tools for the job' and not just theory based knowledge.


Learning Objectives

Through attendance on this course, delegates will gain:

  • The awareness to know what their management style is and its effectiveness and how to modify it to respond to the situation most appropriately

  • Tools in how to build high performing teams, address sub-standard performance and have great 1:1 meetings

  • The ability to effectively communicate to all levels across the organisation, including having the challenging conversations

  • The tools to plan, prepare and position their teams for a changing future and working patterns

  • A structural and systematic way to identify and implement process efficiencies

Course details (module by module)

Module 1 - All about you

The opening workshop gives delegates insight into their own strengths, behaviours and the attributes that impact their effectiveness as managers

Module 2 - Managing your resources

Explores how to get the best out of the people we work with, based on an increased understanding of leadership style, influence and the strengths of their team members


Module 3 - Leadership tools

A practical ‘business leader’s tool kit’ day to equip them to recruit and performance manage the team and address the day to day issues more confidently and head on


Module 4 - Perform, improve & manage change

Delegates will be able to critically assess how change has taken place and to identify opportunities to make improvement and avoid any previous poor experiences


Module 5 - Stepping beyond your limits

An opportunity to look past the manager’s immediate role into the wider organisation and appreciate the commercial dynamics of the organisation


Module 6 - Managing your Personal Brand

Consider how to best position themselves with their different stakeholder and networking groups and as leaders of the future

Delivery of the programme

We recognise the benefit of creating in-person networks and, subject to COVID restrictions, we will endeavour to deliver all modules in a physical environment at a location of one of the AFM  members. In the event of of this not being possible, a virtual environment will be created via Zoom to facilitate the programme

Programme schedule

Module 1: 24th June

Module 2: 10th August

Module 3: 8th September

Module 4: 7th October

Module 5: 10th November

Module 6: 9th December

Externally accredited programme - Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

This exciting new development allows our programmes to carry external accreditation and provide you with an externally recognised management development qualification.  This is an optional element to the course and will require separate registration.  Full support is provided to work with you in developing the 2 written assignments that are required.


Course attendance is just £2,100 plus VAT.  Price includes AFM conference attendance and lunchtime meals and refreshments at each training session

CMI Level 5 certification and registration is £500 plus VAT