Bringing your ‘A’ Game is a simple, fun and easy activity to help you understand what it is that makes you great!


If you find it difficult to identify and share what you’re great at you are not alone. In fact, many of us don’t know what our strengths are, much less how to best utilise them. Strengths awareness helps you focus your energy to ensure you always bring your ‘A’ game.


This bundle offer is perfect for teams, coaches and trainers - get the conversation started today!


This product has been used in coaching and team activities around the world. You can now buy Bringing your 'A' Game directly for individual or team use.

Bringing your 'A' Game - Strengths cards 10 pack bundle

    • 10 packs of Bringing your 'A' Game strengths cards to help you identify how to be great everyday at work!
    • Are you a People person?
    • Or are you all about Strategy?
    • Is getting Results what really drives you?
    • A great resource to help you prepare for interviews, job seeking and improving your work performance
    • These will support and facilitate coaching, team and personal development activities
    • Gain insight into what makes you great and how you can bring your 'A' game everyday
    • Ideal team size:
      On your own or in a team
    • How to use it?:
      Make it snappy! Go with your first impression - read a card and see if you identify with it. 
    • Time to complete:
      Under an hour on your own or why not use this as a team  excerise? 

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