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How do you build team dynamics?

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Ok, so if you’re reading this, we’re going to make an assumption that you are either:

a) leading a team

b) about to step into a team leadership role

c) are part of a team that you think could be operating better

The reality, of course is…we’re all part of a team! No woman (or man, for that matter) operates in isolation and we all rely on our networks of people to help us through the business of life and work.

The starting point in thinking about team dynamics is to remember, and accept, that we’re all human. Making allowances for the fact we’re naturally and beautifully different and imperfect, doesn’t mean we accept poor behaviour, bad working practises or poor performance. Our strengths can support one another to achieve greatness.

Put simply, the way we humans interact in a group setting with each other - is team dynamics.

So, merely putting a group of talented people together just isn’t enough - the pieces could be right, but for whatever reason, they’re not ‘jelling’, the results aren’t coming…something’s off. Sometimes it can be obvious what isn’t working - such as personality conflicts, less than great communication styles, skills gaps or poor leadership to name but a few common themes. Other times it’s less obvious, and that’s where understanding how to tap into what’s going on in your team is crucial for team cohesiveness, development, effectiveness and success. The key to building team dynamics starts with awareness.

The grandfather of Group Dynamics, Kurt Lewin - a social psychologist - found that encouraging team members to review and to discuss the issues they were facing and allowing them to make their own group decisions, meant that their habits and behaviours were more likely to change.

So, how do you get to the heart of the matter?

We’ve found that talking about behaviours gives people a framework to get the conversation started. Easily breaking down barriers, helping to build trust - an absolute key component - and starting your team on their journey to success.


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