• Steve Barry

Don't stress a tricky conversation

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We've come a long way in acknowledging that managing our own mental health is a topic that affects all of us, not just the few. One of the most frequent challenges presented to us, is the manager's need to have those difficult people conversations with a member of their team, or simply with a colleague who just doesn't know. A typical but really unsuccessful strategy is to just live with the situation as it stands. Not good for you, not good for them. So how can we take the stress out of the inevitable and prepare ourselves in the best possible way?

We've been using our step by step guide to equip people at all levels in organisations to work through the conversation before a word has even been spoken. It's powerful, thought provoking and most importantly reduces the anxiety that we all dread in those situations. The feedback is great but you have try for yourselves. It's free to download and if you'd like to book some time to work through it with one of our specialists follow the link through to our calendar.


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