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20 questions to help you structure your thinking when tackling an issue

(Hmmmm...make that 18)

Sometimes getting everything out of our heads onto paper allows us to think about whatever the issue is in a different way.

You can do this for yourself or with a team. If you're doing this exercise with others, ask them to begin by writing down in a sentence the issue you wish to think about.

If however, you want to use this as a silent reflection exercise, follow the GROW model questions but really give yourself time to think....get a cuppa and dedicate your time to the task at hand.

GOAL questions

What are you trying to achieve?

Imagine that you have successfully addressed your issue – what does success look like?

What does success feel like?

What do you really really want?

......draw a line across the page

REALITY questions

What is going on that makes this an issue for you?

Who is involved?

What assumptions are you making?

What – if anything- have you done to address the situation?

What is the effect of what you have done?

......draw a line across the page

OPTIONS questions

What options do you have?

What else might you do?

If you had absolutely no constraints – of time, of money or power or health – what would you do?

If you had a really wise friend, what would they do in your shoes?

......draw a line across the page

WILL questions

From your list of options, which options will you actually pursue?

For each chosen option, what specifically will you do?

What help or support will you need?

What deadlines will you set for yourself?

What is the first step you will take?...

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