TEAM dnamix 

for Managers

Being a manager isn't about having read all the latest management books or adhering to specific theories.


Basically, it's about being interested in the people around you.


What do they need?

Have you asked them?


We can help with that...

Easy as 1, 2, 3...


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Invite your team

Get your results!


What is the purpose of TEAM dnamix?

TEAM dnamix helps bring your team together by focussing on the current team behaviours of the 7 dynamics of high-performing teams. 

How do I complete the TEAM dnamix assessment?

It's an online assessment available across all devices and desktop. Perfect for teams on the go. 

How much does TEAM dnamix cost?

It costs just £3.75 a month per user, billed annually - we think that's the best £45 investment a year per team member you could spend this year!

Are the responses really confidential?
Absolutely! You need honest feedback from your team to get the best out of the results. 

Is there a set-up fee?

Nope - simply invite your team and pay per user.


Can I decide how often to get feedback from my team?

Yes you can! Re-run TEAM dnamix as you need through-out the year

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So, now you've got your TEAM dnamix results in your hand - great! What do you do with them? Are there any clear quick wins? If you need a hand planning your next step - we're here to help. 

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When we step away from cliches and corporate initiatives it ultimately boils down to connection and engagement. Don't we all feel a bit more excited about what we're doing when we believe in it and it feels meaningful to us? Of course we do!