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TEAM dnamix by ORIGOS
The dynamics of team building
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Understand your team behaviours with TEAM dnamix

  • TEAM dnamix allows you to improve your collective performance whatever the current stage of team development

  • It’s one thing having pockets of brilliance but how do you get the teamwork that consistently delivers above and beyond? 

  • TEAM dnamix explores the 7 key dynamics that affect your teams performance everyday

  • TEAM dnamix drills down and invites team members to call out the behaviours they see showing up at work - both the good .... and the not so good

  • IN>PD clients receive preferential rates 

Target the right issues

A practical tool for leadership teams to review and focus corporate energy.

What makes you great?

Hone in to your natural strengths and optimise your work effectiveness. For teams and individuals.

Team training take-away

Your time is precious. Everything you need for focussed team sessions with impact.

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