Accelerate Leadership - for next generation leaders


The Accelerate Leadership programme is tailored to existing managers and organisation leaders who are recognised as having the potential to surpass their current role and form part of the senior leadership team in the not too distant future. In addition to the formal content that will equip and help position these leaders of the future, the programme integrates opportunities to network and also gain insight from current CEOs within the AFM membership.  With the addition of the optional CMI Level 7 certification in Leadership, this programme blends theory, practical experience, building professional networks and the attainment of a professional, externally recognised management qualification.

Learning Objectives

Through attendance on this course, delegates will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the senior leaders' role in overall leadership and effective management of the organisation

  • Understand how to inspire, influence and build high performing and effective teams

  • Be equipped with strategic leadership and management skills to enhance team performance.

  • Develop strategies and lead change initiatives that will equip and ensure sustained long term success

Course details (module by module)

Module 1 - Self as leader

Exploring the differences between operational management and authentic leadership.

Diagnose leadership behaviours that positively impact the culture, environment and performance of an organisation

Applying an emotionally intelligent approach to leadership, examining the benefits or applying the right approach 

Module 2 - Working in a strategic environment

Consider how to establish a cultural fit and the factors affecting behaviours and performance

Review the motivating factors shaping working practices and organisational norms

Working collaboratively to enhance the collective strengths of the organisation

Influencing, recognising and adapting to the potential conflict that exists in organisations 


Module 3 - Business planning & strategy development

Conducting a strategic review of 5 core aspects of the organisation, paying attention to both short and long term aspects that will affect current performance and future proofing readiness

Defining a culture of success, establishing team purpose and engaging a motivated workforce 


Module 4 - Innovate, improve and change

Incorporating the AFM annual conference, this final module will provide delegates with the opportunity to establish innovation and new ways of working, explore new initiatives and lead in a changing world.  In addition to the structured content, delegates can often showcase their development to a wider peer group and may be invited to contribute to cross functional/inter-company initiatives.  

Delivery of the programme

We recognise the benefit of creating in-person networks and, subject to COVID restrictions, we will endeavour to deliver all modules in a physical environment at a location of one of the AFM  members. In the event of of this not being possible, a virtual environment will be created via Zoom to facilitate the programme

Programme schedule

Module 1: 6th July

Module 2: 7th September

Module 3: 5th October (inc AFM conference)

Module 4: 9th November

Externally accredited programme - Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

This exciting new development allows our programmes to carry external accreditation and provide you with an externally recognised management development qualification.  This is an optional element to the course and will require separate registration.  Full support is provided to work with you in developing the 2 written assignments that are required.


Course attendance is just £1,650 plus VAT.  Price includes AFM conference attendance and lunchtime meals and refreshments at each training session

CMI Level 7 certification and registration is £500 plus VAT