7 dynamics of highly effective teams

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What makes a
high-performing team?

Highly effective teams get results.


Team success boils down to the dynamics and characteristics at play within any team. 


Team dynamics are integral to team performance and all contribute to the dynamic process at play, and the effectiveness of teamwork, and performance.

Improve team performance -
ask the right questions

Success of any team depends on the individuals involved and the teamwork in action.

Improving team performance - whether you've got a team of newbies or one crammed full of seasoned die hards - starts by exploring what's going on in the team, asking the right questions and taking action to create change.

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A feeling of capability is fundamental to investing effort into a task. We don't need to know that we can definitely do it, or that it'll be easy. If we feel that it's impossible or way beyond the limits of our capability most of us will give up before we begin!



How effective is the flow of your communication in your team? Are you honest...no, really honest with each other in a way that supports performance? Are your communications pixie like or delivered via the team bulldozer?

Expectations Understood

Who owns what? Does your team step up and take the lead or lag behind the pack? Do you review how tasks are handled, explore what's around the corner and reality check if you're best in class?

Manager Impact

It's not all about you but...as leader of the team, your conscious or unconscious cues about culture, standards and behaviour speak volumes and can be a catalyst for team greatness!

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Team Behaviours

How does your team work day to day? 'Sweet as a nut' or a 'fly in the ointment'? Exploring the levels of collaboration, support and attitudes at play within your team can help you capture and then amplify your team potential.



It's a little word, and we may take it for granted sometimes, but it's powerful. It's the cornerstone of safety, belonging, confidence and bravery. When it's present and correct in a team, their potential becomes limitless. Have you got it?

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Values, Intent & Purpose

When we step away from cliches and corporate initiatives it ultimately boils down to connection and engagement. Don't we all feel a bit more excited about what we're doing when we believe in it and it feels meaningful to us? Of course we do!